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About us

When the woodwork becomes the perfect synthesis between the traditional craftsmanship and the industrial production.

CN Arredamento Design plans and realizes furnishing and elements of interior design 100% made in Italy. For over thirty years, it has been a benchmark for brands and international architectural studies.

This ability has been growing up during the time, thanks to a constant research for a perfect production synthesis: the one between the industrial woodworking and the renowned artisan tradition of furniture in Brianza. The result is an high quality product, that could be considered as a standard piece or as an unique customized one.

CN Arredamento Design’s solutions are different from the others because of the use of innovative and nonpareil materials: precious veneers, creative combinations, bold shapes and accurate processes let this peculiar art to grow up.  This variety of products meets every special request and fulfill it.


In 1981 Giancarlo Cappi decided to get the Antica Falegnameria Pozzoli in Giussano (Como), where he had worked as production manager the years before. He wanted to turn it into a structured company reality.

Since that time, CN Arredamento Design started its rising. New technologies and the industrialization of different processes were introduced.

Today, all these new production tools help to create a great serial production, without forgetting the heed for details, which is peculiar here in Brianza.