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The passion for the quality is the story of an art that changes the wood into a unique product.

CN Arredamento Design pays attention to the selection of row materials and the consequent range of processing suggested.
Every single realization reflects this meticulous carefulness for the details, which does not end with the delivery of the finished product.

“Customer care” is related to a specific service:  a steady dialogue with the client. It begins with the planning phase and continue with the post sales assistance. Our careful staff follows every single step of the process, giving always precise answers and advices.

The architects, planners and interior designers’ abilities symbolize the history of the most ancient district of the Italian furniture, the Brianza district. A new development may also grow with the innovation and new technologies, and it may let new project to start up.

The excellence of CN Arredamento Design: services capable to create a new design intent.

CN Arredamento Design is with you:


  • During the budgeting-quotation and measurement execution phase
  • During the discussion of the project directly with your technical department and in the extreme customization of the project.
  • As referent for artisans, locksmiths, upholsterers and lighting experts.
  • In the vast offer of styles and trends.
  • During the pre and post sales assistance.