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Our production

Our production of complementary furniture and wooden furniture makes use of innovative processes and technologies combined with the great experience of a large and reliable artisans network. All that allows the grown of a unique synergy, that mix the tradition of carpentry to the solutions that only the latest new technologies can provide.

Professional artisans involved in these processes have a great experience in their working field and, thanks to their knowledge of row materials, new ways can be explored and alternative solutions can be provided to the client.
The innovation meets the historical art of woodworking to create new and evolved projects.

Our quotation department

CN Arredamento Design’s quotation department can offer a precise budgeting service. Costs, timing and construction methods are given by this office in short times.

The customer is always assisted by the staff in the definition of the features of the product related to the available budget. The aim is to obtain the highest quality with the lowest price.

Our technical department

Our technical department gives support to the designers of the companies from the planning, and if it is necessary, it can also offer all the technical documents. To do that, our company tries to rationalize the step of prototyping and the industrialization of the product. In this way, prices can decrease and manufacturing efficiency can increase.

In the same way, the technical office is able to carry out unique projects, cooperating with architects and turning brilliant ideas into finished products.

CN Arredamento Design owns a wide range of machinery, that provides a lot of tasks, polishing included.
  • 3050x1300 hot-planer
  • Holzer horizontal panel beam saw, with postforming scoring, 4400 width
  • CNC Morbidelli work center, working area 4400 x 1680 x h240
  • CNC Felder center, working area 3050x1350xh180
  • Edge bander with CNC control, working panel thickness 6/80mm, pre-milling unit, top-bottom roughing units and two motors end-trim, 4 corner rounding units and toupee
  • Edge bander for linear postforming
  • Edge bander for straight and shaped panels
  • Wide bell sander SCM 3 main units, transversal and scotch-brite 1300 width
  • Wide bell sander Sandya 2 main units, scotch-brite 1100 width
  • Spindle moulder, CNC control, +45°/-20° tilting spindle
  • Altendorf sliding table saw, 6 axes, CNC control
  • Set for heartwood initial processing: band saw, planer and thickness planer
  • Borer SCM single-head, pneumatic head adjustment
  • Trimming, moulding and boring PADE machine
  • Salvarani double head automatic mitre saw
  • Two water painting booth with pressurized system
  • Water curtain paint-spraying booth
  • Sanding set: Volpato belt sanding machine and sanding table
  • CAMAL through-feed hydraulic cabinetsclap, 2400x1300
  • Pneumatic assembly and packaging system, top elevator
Our production service, from the planning to the creation
  • Collection of the request
  • Quotation
  • Realization of small samples
  • Collection of the order
  • Discussion of the project with technical office
  • Planning of the productive process
  • Joinery
  • Polishing
  • Testing
  • Packaging and transport
  • Installation on the site
  • After-sales assistance