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Elli Design

Elli Design Inc is a new Italian Interior Design brand, born in 2014 from the creative genius of Alessio Elli, young Italian designer, and his cooperation with well-known manufacturing companies in Italy and Switzerland.  

It’s indeed the combination of Italian taste and Swiss quality the key strength of Elli Design Inc that is today approaching the International scene of Interior Design.
The use of glass in its different aspects, is the distinctive signature that Alessio Elli has chosen as starting point of all his creations.  
The purity and simplicity of shapes and structures is in contrast with the creative depth of the decorations, defined by a strong graphic line that almost prevails, characterizing the refined style of Elli Design.
The clean lines and the attention to detail, make all creations by Elli Design unique pieces, ideal for contemporary spaces.

Website: www.ellidesignfurniture.com




Mussi, a family's history of Brianza. 

At the end of 1800s, the Mussi family were the "strawsmiths .. Pait della paglia", those who worked the straw, and that is where the story begins with Gaetano’s family that goes from being farmers to being manufacturers of wooden furniture for domestic use such as chests and beds.
Following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather Gerunzio decides to open a "workshop" for woodworking, and this work was rewarded in 1924 with the Star of work Merit that King Vittorio Emanuele III bestowed during the International Exhibition of Labor and Industries.
Moving on from father to son, Mussi takes it’s image as an upholstery company in 1972, for the first time, presents it’s own collection at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
Today Emanuela, Marta and Giovanni Mussi, guiding the company while maintaining the roots of "workshop", which are the characteristic of a quality production that makes the aim, paired with a constant research for materials and fabrics and in the innovation of shapes.
"Tailoring" is the new target because a MUSSI’s sofa and bed, although designed for a specific function, are emotional creations.
A simplicity that brings out Mussi’s tradition and passion for its history.

Website: www.mussi.it




RiM is a dynamic and professional reality that operates on the national territory, with overt success, whose key figure boasts over 30 years of experience.

Thanks to the professionalism and expertise it offers, RiM follows you throughout the search and sale process of any property, finds the tailor-made solution for you at the best market conditions and helps you to capitalize on your property to the maximum in sales case.

Furthermore, RiM is fully dedicated to the needs of the customer not only under the contractual and bureaucratic aspect, in fact, it offers the possibility of using the services of its partners ranging from removals to renovations, passing through the fundamental aspect of furniture thanks to CN design furniture.

To learn more and to know our reality, you can download our app or visit our website.

Website: www.rim-srl.com